Hastings Fisherman's Shop

Safety Equipment

We supply a complete range of safety equipment to numerous to list on this site.
Also in stock, Inshore and offshore flare packs at very competitive prices.

Suits - breathable and waterproof one-piece suits for coastal/inshore sailing.

  Transoceanic / Oceanic -
non-breathable version of the Star/Dremtech.
CHF Bib Trousers
Top Performance in protection Ripstop fabric Double lining on front..
  Flotation Vest Safety First! Conforms to European EN393 norm.
Star/Dremtech breathable, lightweight, windproof and waterproof.   The Sakao Dry Bag
Red/Black, Green/black, Yellow/Black


T.P.S Dry Suit lightweight, very supple, extremely comfortable, warm and dry for maximum protection.   Boots / Gloves / Accessories insulated boots, gloves and liners, and wrist cuffs for keeping feet and hands protected.