Hastings Fisherman's Shop

Ship's Cat
Able Seaman Simon, mascot of HMS Amethyst. Wounded in the 1949 Yangtse Incident, he won an animal bravery medal for his effort cheering up the injured seamen
Intrepid Ship's Cats
Mrs Chippy, (actually a tomcat!) recruited by Sir Ernest Shackleton to control rodents on his ship Endurance
Ship's Cat
This was reputedly the cat breed that came off Noah's Ark when it grounded on Mount Ararat, near the town of Van in Turkey, 4,000 years ago
Ship's cat
Freddy, shipwrecked with a cargo of pianos on SS Hawksdale while en route to Australia, and heroically rescued by an apprentice sailor.
Ship's Cat
Matthew Flinders mapped the coast of Australia in 1802, aboard the ship Tryall, accompanied by his remarkable black and white cat Trim
  These ships cats are usually a stock item please phone for avaliability of your chosen cat.
Saloon Range Porthole Clocks & Barometers
9" diameter version of the chunky porthole clocks and barometers
They have hefty solid cast brass casings, scuttle clamps, and bevelled glass
Dalvey Pocket Barometer
This fob-style pocket barometer has a highly polished, non-tarnish stainless steel case, with gold-plated brass trim and engraveable badge.
Schatz Premium Range Clocks & Barometers
Schatz is the leading manufacturer of classic ships' instruments
Ship's Wheel Clock
We have replaced the hub of a genuine ships wheel (gloss-varnished acacia wood, polished brass inlay strip) with a chunky machined brass clock.
Information Station
Our mid-range, best-selling weather station adds good local detail to forecasts on the television and radio
Weather Phone & Accessories
Now you can check the weather before arranging your weekend afloat! This cordless digital telephone incorporates a weather station in its base unit
Radio Controlled Travel Clock
This portable battery-powered clock constantly updates itself from a radio-transmitted time signal, even changing automatically for BST and GMT when necessary.
Ultimate Power Station with Inverter
This power station has a powerful 27Ah (amp hour) battery and built-in 180W inverter, that can convert 12volt DC (from its own battery or the boat supply
Nitetracker Search Lamp
Nitetracker is a professional quality, one million candlepower spotlight - the choice of police/military forces worldwide
Waterproof Solar Torch
This versatile flashlight is waterproof, floats beam up and is very compact, at just 6.5" long.
Ship's Bells
Our ships' bells are manufactured in the finest tradition - sand-cast solid brass turned and polished to an immaculate sheen.

Cast Brass Hand Bells
Made from sand-cast solid brass machined and polished to an immaculate sheen, with a craftsman-turned hardwood handle
Bell Ropes
Our bell ropes are hand-tied in natural colour cotton with traditional knots, and make the essential finishing touch to a ships bell.
America's Cup Display Yachts
Precision-modelled in the style of the great America's Cup racers of the 1890's - Valkyrie, Columbia, Shamrock I, Reliance - these display yachts are nothing short of magnificent

Shipmate at the Helm
Whiskered, weather-beaten, his leathery face is softened by a certain wistfulness as he gazes out on a distant horizon. Silent with his thoughts

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